Pond water damages ripe paddy, farmer files case

Published : 06 Dec 2022 07:47 PM

A farmers in Badpukutia village of Jhenaidah Sadar upazila had filed complaint with Jhenaidah Sadar police station saying that some of the villagers had pumped out their pond water on 40 bighas of cropland where ripen paddy and seedbeds was affected. He along with other farmers have to incur a loss for Taka two lakh, they said. Affected farmer Nazrul Islam of village Badpukuria said they have been producing crops on their own lands. Most of the ripen paddy was already harvested, while huge paddy yet to be harvested.

Further, they have been producing seedbeds to transplant it on their next paddy farming season. 

The affected farmers said if the water irrigated out from the pond is not stopped it might affect more. 

But some Omar Ali Bhuiyan, Karam Ali Bhuiyan, Keramat Ali and Shamsuddin have been pumping out water from a pond for last two weeks. It has been affecting their ripen paddy and seedbeds at time. They had requested the pond owners not to send any water on their croplands. But they were not refrained from doing the same. As the influential farmers did not care it, they had filed written complaint with Jhenaidah Sadar police station taking legal steps against the people responsible for entering pond water from the pond.

They also said the farmers belongs to Bhuiyan families had been doing the same work for years together when their paddy grown mature and seedbeds are prepared. 

Dakbangla police outpost in charge sub inspector Tauhiduil Islam when contacted said Jhenaidah sadar police station had forwarded a complaint about the issue. He had investigated the matter and proved accuracy about discharging pond water on croplands by some of the farmers of the village. He will suggest for legal steps against the guilty persons.