BSMMU waives Akbar’s hospital bill

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given financial assistance to the physically ill singer Akbar for the second time. Besides, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital has waived the cost of his treatment for life.

From now on, he will be able to receive all kinds of free treatment for the rest of his life. On Monday (September 28), Akbar himself confirmed the matter.

He said he had been given a check for Tk 200,000 from the Prime Minister's Office. Earlier, the Prime Minister had given him a savings certificate worth Tk 20 lakh including Tk 2 lakh.

Akbar said, “Hanif Sanket contacted the Prime Minister’s Office. He then briefed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on my condition. Hon'ble Prime Minister has listened to him. She allotted another check of two lakh taka for me and abolished treatment fee for life from PG hospital. I still dream of living because there is a Prime Minister like her.”

He said cheques and documents were issued on September 9. And Akbar is going to India for treatment today.

Apart from diabetes and kidney disease, Akbar is suffering from rare skin diseases. A few days ago, he had to be admitted to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College Hospital in critical condition. Now this singer is doing a bit better.