Pillows distributed among prisoners in Rajshahi jail

Rajshahi Correspondent

Prisoners of Rajshahi Central Jail were supplied with 'pillow' for the first time.

Halima Khatun, Senior Jail Super, distributed one pillow each among prisoners and hajatis (under trial prisoners) of the jail on Wednesday morning. Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Jailor of RCJ was present, among others, during distribution of the pillows. 

The pillow is made of cotton and clothings. It is learnt, the prisoners at the jail used to get three blankets to lie and sleep. They used one blanket as pillow by putting that under their head.

It is learnt, distribution of pillows among prisoners of various prisons of the country started last year. As a part of the programme, prisoners of Rajshahi central prisoners also got the pillows today.

Halima Khatun said that last week the pillows reached to RCJ from Dhaka. The tailors and prisoners of the jail made those pillows fit to use and this morning those were distributed among 1,963 hajatis and 803 prisoners.

Earlier, on June 16, improved breakfast started to be served among prisoners. Now, the prisoners were enjoying Khichuri two days a week, vegetables and bread four days a week and Halua and bread one day a week.

RCJ authorities informed from 1864, prisoners of the country used to get a bread weighing 116.6 grammes of atta(flour) and 14.58 grammes of molasses( gur) as breakfast while a Hajoti used to get a bread weighing 87.68 grammes of flour and equal amount of gur. The change in breakfast was made after 155-year.