Pilgrims start returning

After preforming the Hajj, pilgrims started returning in the country. As per the post hajj flight schedule, a Saudi Airlines flight landed at Hazrat Shahjala International Airport with 335 pilgrims at around 1 pm. 

The post hajj flight will continue till September 15, within this period of time, total 127080 pilgrims will return to the country.  

According to Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry information it was learned that this year, a total of 127152 pilgrims went to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj. of the total, 72 pilgrims were died while staying there. 

This year the authority concerned have conducted the most peaceful hajj management without any flight cancellation or delay.  

It is to be noted, this year pre hajj flight operation by Biman Bangladesh Airlines was started on July 4. A total of 181 pre hajj flight were operated, of which 149 was dedicated and 32 scheduled flights. In these flights, biman transported 66286 pilgrims, but the Biman was scheduled to transport 63599 pilgrims. 

The number of pilgrims raised as there were 1270 government representatives and additional 1417 pilgrims were transported beside the scheduled pilgrims.  

Based on the airport control room’s reliable source it was learnt that, pilgrims completed their immigration and get their luggage within 30 minutes after landing. 

On the other hand, the first post hajj flight left Jeddah Airport at local time 11.34 am with 335 pilgrims under government management.