‘Parasite’ to contend Cannes?

Mizanur Rahman

Only a handful of films which are not in English have so far been nominated for Best Picture in Oscars. Out of these only Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’ (2018) came very close to achieving the top score. However, critical renown might pose a new contender in this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The striking response received by ‘Parasite’ since its release and the award for Best Picture it got in the Oscars has pushed it to the top of the line. 

Unlike Cuarón’s poignant, drama-centred film, ‘Parasite’ poses some problems when it comes to categorise it. In its satirical criticism of the elite, Bong Joon Ho’s feature switches harmoniously between horror, thriller and comedy which is something totally new for the Academy to be celebrating. 

The Hitchcockesque twists and the total projection of Korea’s ever-widening class divide compiled together makes ‘Parasite’ a maze which is yet to be totally deciphered by critics. 

The win that ‘Parasite’ got in the Oscars shows the breaking of the old norm of Americans favouring the high and mighty saving-the-day story lines. Despite doubling non-white voters this year, white men were still the majority of people who decided this year’s Oscars.

What awaits is to see the Cannes Film Festival unfold and to see what treatment does ‘Parasite’ get from there?