Pantho Kanai’s song for Shakib Khan

Pantho Kanai is a born musician. However, this artiste with a heavy voice has also gained fame by singing songs. 

After a long hiatus, the artiste is back to render his voice once again. This time he will sing for Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhaka. It will be the title song of the ongoing ‘Nabab LL.B.’ Another notable thing about the song is that it was written by Tabib Mahmud who has never worked for a movie before.

The director of the film Anonno Mamun has confirmed the issue. He said that since it is a track in the movie title, the people concerned including the protagonist have a different look at it.

Meanwhile, Pantho Kanai said, “For various reasons, the song is rarely sung. After almost a year, I am giving voice to movie songs. I always love working with new and talented people. There is something new in it. This song is going that way too. Listening to the song, I thought, there has never been such a song for Bengali cinema before.”

He added, “The lyrics of the song are over. The work of arranging music is going on in Calcutta.” He will give voice to it soon.

With this film, Shakib Khan has returned to shooting after a long time. Shakib will take part in the shooting of the movie till October 10. The director said that there are five days of shooting left. Then the whole team will fly abroad for music and fight sequences.