Pak PM Imran Khan’s ex-wife Rehamtakes sarcastic jibe overnew Pak map

Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan on Wednesday passed a sarcastic jibe over Pakistan’s bizarre new political map which has incorporated not only Indian territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh but also Junagarh in Gujarat. 

Sarcastically asking Pakistan why they only stopped at Kashmir, Reham Khan remarked that she wanted Delhi too. 

On Tuesday, Imran Khan unveiled Pakistan’s new political map ahead of the first anniversary of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status revocation. In a marked departure from its claim that Jammu and Kashmir are “disputed territory”, this entire Union Territory along with the Union Territory of Ladakh has been incorporated in the map.

Releasing the official map of the controversial map on Tuesday, Imran Khan said, "We have brought a new map of Pakistan to the world."

Referring to the new map as the official map of Pakistan, Imran Khan said the map would fulfill the unfulfilled desires of the people of Kashmir and Pakistan.

Incidentally, journalist Reham Khan was married to Imran Khan in 2015. But, on October 30 of that year, Imran Khan himself announced his separation from Rehman.

Reham later said that the reason for the separation was that Imran and she were two completely different human beings and their mentality did not match.