Paid parking system in Ctg to curb traffic snarls

Published : 03 Oct 2023 08:58 PM

The Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) will introduce a paid-parking system within the next few months to prevent haphazard parking on city roads.

In collaboration with the Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP), the city corporation has decided to conduct a survey on introducing the system along the city's main roads, the Agrabad commercial area and the Kazir Dewri area.

Chattogram City Corporation’s Chief Engineer Rafiqul Islam said the spots along Bahaddarhat to the Barek Building Junction where there is enough space for car parking will be marked and initially, paid parking will be introduced there. 

"A survey is underway to determine how many cars can be parked in these spots. Later on, in coordination with the CMP, these parking spaces will be divided into different zones and tenders will be invited. Through which, these parking zones will be leased out to interested companies for supervision."

Stating that cars will not be allowed to park in any other spot on the road outside the corporation's designated spaces, the official said hourly rates will be fixed for parking after the survey is done.

He expressed hopes that this initiative would help control parking violations in the port city as well as give relief reducing traffic on roads.

According to CMP Traffic (North) Deputy Commissioner Zainul Abdeen Titu, paid-parking is a good and smart initiative if managed properly. "We welcome this initiative of the city corporation."

Meanwhile, Engineer Subhash Barua, an urban planner and President of the Planned Chittagong Forum, said he thinks even though paid-parking on road sides might provide some relief, it will not bring much benefit in the long run in alleviating traffic congestion.

"Off-the-street parking or vertical parking is needed to alleviate traffic congestion. However, it is not possible to free city dwellers from traffic jams if private vehicles cannot be discouraged by expanding the public transport network."

"Besides, if the city's shopping malls, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings are not forced to keep adequate parking spaces in accordance with the building code, the crisis will increase in the future," he added.