Padma Bank opens sub-branch at Nawabganj

Published : 06 Jun 2023 08:49 PM

Padma Bank Limited has officially inaugurated the Nawabganj sub-branch to deliver modern banking services to the people of this area of the capital.

The Nawabganj branch is located on the second floor of the local well-known Sadek Ali Market, 2nd floor. It will be operated under the Joypara Branch. This is the ninth sub-branch of Padma Bank.

All types of banking services, including opening of bank accounts, cash deposits and withdrawals, cheque book and pay order issue, clearing cheque and pay order deposits, deposit and loan facilities, real-time online banking facilities and utility bill deposits, are available in the sub-branch.

Padma Bank’s Deputy Managing Director & CBO Mohammed Emtiaz Uddin inaugurated the sub-branch on Monday.

He claimed that the slogan "Bodlay Jao Bodlay Dao, Bodlay Jabe Padma Bank" is being carried out by Padma Bank. The industrious and committed team is working to maintain stability and transparency under the direction of an experienced and competent Board of Directors. 

Moreover, he stated from the outset, "With the Nawabganj sub-branch, our purpose is to provide suitable financial and institutional services for the expansion and development of business and commerce in this area”.