Padatik’s new drama on stage of Mahila Samiti

Padatik Natya Sangsad has brought a new drama 'Pake Bipake' on the stage. The play will be staged at Mahila Samiti auditorium on December 4 at 7 pm. The play is written by Taramanoj Mitra and directed by Sanjeev Kumar Dey. Shakhawat Hossain Shimul, Imran Khan, Ekhlasur Prant, Jinat Islam will act in it.

On 17th and 19th November, two technical stages of the play were staged on the same stage. This is the 43rd production of Padatik.

In the story, it can be seen that Janardhan is coming forward singing with a broken throat along a village path on a quiet night. Suddenly a poisonous snake comes out of nowhere and bites him. Janardhan screams and runs along the light of a lantern where a man is sitting with a basket. That man doesn’t look back as Janardhan was screaming for help but gestures for him to leave.

Fool Janardhan doesn't understand the gesture, moaning with pain, he keeps on presenting the infamous statement of Navakrishna Babu, the Joardar of the village. For this Navakrishna, he has been forced to give the cow, which has been reared for three years, to the butcher today, otherwise Navakrishna would have taken this cow home on his own.

The irritation of the wound increases, Janardhan continued to shower his anger. As a result, the veiled Navakrishna Babu was exposed. He was patrolling his land saying that he would loot the paddy by evading the bargadar. Janardhan is stubborn, he has abused his moneylender so he will not leave this place until he is forgiven. Navakrishna is restless for fear that Bargadar Pantu Das will come to that side and stop the looting of paddy.

Then Pantur's brother Dalim appears. Dalim will plunder the paddy grown in the uncultivated land on behalf of Navakrishna, including his people. Navakrishna made his brother stand up against him. Durba comes out of the darkness, everyone in the village knows that she is the adopted mistress of Navakrishna. But tonight, her presence on the bank of the beel helped Pantu by robbing Navakrishna's gun.

Thus, the sequence of events progressed and Navakrishna was defeated by Janardhan. Thus, the story of the play goes on.