Nusrat’s bank a/c could unravel the mystery of Munia’s murder

Published : 27 Jun 2021 09:54 PM

Nusrat's bank account could reveal the mystery behind Munia's death. Criminologists believe that the mystery of the Munia murder case can be solved only if the bank accounts of Nusrat are investigated in detail including the amount of money that has been deposited in her account and the source of that money. 

However, Nusrat has not given any information regarding her bank accounts to the law enforcement agencies and investigating officers so far.  

Munia died on April 26 in a flat in Gulshan. Shortly after her death, her older sister Nusrat Tania filed a case alleging incitement to suicide. The case has been under investigation for the last two months. It has been also alleged that Nusrat is not cooperating in the investigation of this case.  Various sources are saying that there is a huge difference between the way Nusrat lives and the money that she earns by working in a bank. 

Nusrat used to earn money in a different way before Munia's death. And after death, multiple sources think that she is earning in a different way. Before Munia's death, Munia was the main source of her income.