Numerous leaders with CCC 8 councilors under 'surveillance'

The campaign has also started in Chattagram  after campaigning against casinos, gambling, drugs, tenders and illegal party activists in Dhaka following the Prime Minister's directives.

Although there are no casinos in Chattagram, law enforcement and government, intelligence agencies have started searching for gambling, drug, illicit wealth and godfathers of teenage gangs.

Meanwhile, RAB members during operation in Chattragram arrested Jubo League terrorist and teenage gang godfather Nur Mostafa Tinu and his accomplice in Chawkbazar area and Agrabad area Jubo League terrorist Md. Khurshid Alam who  was killed in a 'gun battle'.

After the RAB’s operation, Juba League leaders, former Chhatra League leaders and influential people in various areas have  been covered up.

Many have fled the area. Some of them are reported to have migrated overseas.

However, the government's special intelligence agencies have begun investigating the gambling, drug, tender, illegal wealth acquisition and teenage godfathers. These people are also listed people.

 The intelligence agencies made a list of  Awami League, Jubo League, the current and former leader of the Chhatra League, eight councilors of Chattagram City Corporation, and an upazila chairman.

 Moreover, the list includes Central Jubo League Deputy Finance Secretary Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babar, former BCL leader Saiful Alam Limon, Esarul Haque Esra Prakash Azrael of Chandgaon area, and former leader of Polytechnic Chatra League Mohiuddin, Nobel and Faridul.

There have been various allegations against them, including the influence of the organization, extortion, tendering, government land grab, juvenile gang control, using the designation of the organization.

Two councilors have been accused of acquiring huge wealth through possession of railway land, possession of hills and sale.

Union Jubo League leader Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babar is not in the country, Esarul Haque has fled the area. Former leader of the Polytechnic Chatra League Mohiuddin is not found.

Meanwhile, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), which led the expedition, has begun work on the list. The RAB is creating a list of terrorists, extortionists, godfathers of teenage gangs in the Chittagong city area, infiltrators who have created mountains of illegal wealth using party titles.

When asked, RAB-7 deputy commander Squadron Leader Shafayat Jamil Fahim said, as per the directives of RAB headquarters, Chittagong city area terrorists, extortionists, tenders, godfathers of teenage gangs, infiltrators in government party organizations who used infiltrated footwear. Being the accused has been kept under surveillance.
Chittagram City Corporation councilors who are alleged to be under surveillance said RAB officer Shafayat Jamil Fahim.