NSTU female students face harassment on campus

S Ahmed Fahim

Incidents of harassment of female students at Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) have increased in the recent days. They are being  harassed in the university bus, in the classroom and other places inside the campus. 

The university authorities have taken action against some of the incidents, but no legal action have been taken in many other cases. As a result, the female students are suffering from insecurity on the campus. Some of the harassed female students said that they feel insecurity in the university bus, classroom, canteen for the harassment cases happened recent days. As a result, their academic studies and other activities are hampered. They hope that the university administration will take steps to prevent these incidents and take legal action in these cases.

NSTU Proctor Prof Dr. Newaz Mohammed Bahadur said that the university authorities are strict to prevent these incidents. The rules of transports would be changed and modified to prevent such incidents which happened in the bus in previous days. 

Without university students, no outsider can use  the university bus for transportation. All the workers have been prohibited from going anywhere from their working place during the day and action will be taken if anyone breaks the rules. He also  added that hotline  has been launched to report about  harassment and  If any complaint is received, action will be taken.