No slaughterhouse in Ishwardi town

Meat slaughtered without examination is being sold in various markets in Ishwardi municipal area of Pabna. Although there is a rule to slaughter animals after examination by a veterinary surgeon, it is not being done. 

The municipality also has no doctor of its own. As a result, it is not known whether the meat is being sold after slaughtering cows infected with various diseases and viruses. The environment here is becoming harmful.

Ishwardi is a first class municipality. There is no specific slaughterhouse. The animal was slaughtered at a temporary slaughterhouse adjacent to the municipal stadium, but is now closed. 

As a result, meat is being slaughtered everywhere and meat is being sold in the market. According to the rules, the animals are slaughtered by a veterinary surgeon of the livestock department, but they are not being obeyed. As a result, there have been allegations of selling meat by slaughtering weak, sick and pregnant animals including lumpy skin and scabies. 

As there is no specific slaughterhouse, animals are being slaughtered everywhere in dirty places. Meat shops are untidy, dirty. There is no sanitation system in any meat shop.

It is learned that 15 to 20 cows are slaughtered and sold in Ishwardi Bazaar every day. The number of goats is even higher. I went to Ishwardi Bazaar on Saturday morning and saw that there was no seal on the meat of the slaughtered animal hanging in the shop. The shops are dirty. Two meat traders, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the place was set aside for slaughtering animals next to the municipal stadium. But now the slaughter of animals has stopped due to the abandonment of soil and other equipment. Asked where the slaughter was taking place, they said the meat was slaughtered at home or in the vicinity and sold in the market.

Asked if a doctor examined the animal's health before slaughtering, they said a cleric from the municipality would come to the side of the stadium to slaughter. He could not say whether he was a doctor or not.