New turn in Munia death case

Munia's death case has taken a new turn. Munia's elder sister Nusrat Tania, told Munia before her death that she would die at her hands. Several responsible sources have confirmed this new turn of the investigation. 

College student Munia died in a flat in Gulshan on April 26. Shortly after her death, Nusrat Tania filed a case of incitement to suicide. The case of incitement to suicide is being investigated by the law enforcement agencies and new information is emerging one after another while investigating it. 

According to various sources, Nusrat had a heated phone conversation with Munia on April 24, two days before her death. The duration of the call was 12 minutes. The content and recording of the conversation have been handed over to the investigating officers. 

During the conversation Nusrat was forcing her sister to meet someone but Munia refused to do so. At one point of the heated argument, Nusrat said that Munia will die at her hands. 

Munia died two days after this incident. Police are looking into whether Munia and Nusrat’s argument has any connection to her murder. Investigations over the past month have shown that Nusrat used Munia in various ways and that Munia was Nusrat's money-making tool. 

The law enforcement sources think that the case is going to take a new turn if the conversation is proved to be theirs after examination.