New specified warnings on Sanitizer packs

The High Court on Wednesday notified new sets of specified warnings for all disinfectant product packs including hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays.

HC Justice Tariq-ul-Hakim passed the order. The Department of Health, the Department of Drug Administration and the Director General of the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate has been asked to take necessary steps within 2 weeks.

In this virtual HC bench, Barrister Mahfuzur Rahman Milon appeared for the writ petition and hearing was held on behalf of the state Attorney General Amit Das Gupta.

Prior to this, Advocate for the Justice Watch Foundation Mahfuzur Rahman filed a writ petition to issue regulations requiring warnings.

Mahfuzur Rahman Milon said that hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and other such products that we use are highly combustible. Since these products do not have precautionary instructions on them, these products are unknowingly causing accidents.

Recently, a doctor burnt in a blaze that occurred from disinfectant hand sanitizer at Hatirpul in the capital, has died after battling for six days.