New policy to safeguard poultry industries

Better management practices must be ensured

It is good to note that the government is going to formulate a new policy to safeguard the poultry and dairy industries of the country. The poultry sector of Bangladesh over the last years has emerged as a potential sector, and experts think this emerging sector can help people get rid of poverty and meet nutrition demand which in the long run will help the country attain the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Experts are of the opinion that chicken eggs and meat are being produced in the country adopting latest scientific technologies for meeting nutritional demand of the growing population.

One cannot discount that the poultry industry is not merely a provider of jobs to millions, but has played a significant role in fighting malnutrition in the country.

Country’s poultry industry should be brought 

under a proper monitoring system so that 

consumers in general can get safe and hygienic 

poultry meat and eggs

This promising sector can provide various opportunities to increase GDP growth rate, attain SDGs, ensure food security and fill meat consumption deficiency. Currently, in Bangladesh more than 44 per cent of the daily human intake of animal protein comes from livestock products. The poultry industry has been supplying quality protein to the people of Bangladesh at the lowest price in the world.

Reportedly, poultry industry has already introduced the international standard production system aiming to grab the global export markets for poultry feed, meat and eggs.

However, despite all these, there is room for further improvement of this promising sector. In order to make the poultry industry export worthy, there is a need for assisting the local industry in ensuring better management practices by providing tax benefits. Also there is a need for establishing some areas as poultry zones where the bio-security and other international practices will be ensured. It will help give the global market a positive message about Bangladesh’s poultry industry and raise poultry export. Last but not least, the country’s poultry industry should be brought under a proper monitoring system so that consumers in general can get safe and hygienic poultry meat and eggs.