Nairuz Sifat for her first movie

Nairuz Sifat has grabbed onto the hearts of the audience through performing the role of mandira in the serial drama 'Aparajita'. She came to the mainstream through this drama, which was aired on Deep TV.

Since then she has acted in many b-dramas and series dramas. This time, however, she first appeared in a film. She has acted in the movie 'Dhaka Dream' directed by Prasun Rahman. According to Nairuz Sifat, she played a challenging role.

On the way to Bandarban yesterday, Nairuz Sifat said, “Dhaka Dream’ is my first movie. All in all, I'm pleased to have worked in the movie. My character was also quite challenging. That is why director Prasun Bhai has helped me a lot in bringing out the character. I am optimistic about acting in my first movie.”

Nairuz Sifat has traveled to Bandarban to present a new travel show. She will return to Dhaka on December 8, taking part in the shooting till December 7.