N Majumdar receives US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Published : 17 May 2022 09:45 PM

Mohammad N Majumdar, a mainstream politician and community activist, has received the President Joseph R Biden’s President's Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his unprecedented role in volunteering in the community. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award certificate, given to him on April 29, states that with grateful recognition, the AmeriCorps and the Office of the President of the United States honor Mohammad N Majumder with the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service. 

This certificate, signed by the President of USA, has caused a stir among the people of Bangladeshi community. This award proves that volunteering for the community is generously recognized by America's highest authority.

Mohammad N Majumdar is a respected figure in the Bangladesh community of Bronx. He has taken the Bronx Bangladesh community into the mainstream with his supporters. 

He has established an organization called Bangladesh American Community Council (BACC) and has helped the community in many ways by organizing various events as well as invigorating the Bangladeshis there. A decade ago, through BACC, he conducted service fairs with various agencies of the city, including the Bangladeshis there.

Mohammad N Majumder has been serving as a local community board member since 2010. He has volunteered for 5 hours on this board every week and in the last 12 years he has volunteered for more than 5000 hours. 

He said that he has served as a member, the chairman of the land and zoning committee, the first vice-chairman and as the intern chairman twice in the community board. 

He has also spent thousands of hours in community service as the founding president of the Parkchester North Condominium board, the Majumdar Foundation, and the Bangladeshi American Community Council. 

Distribution of food items during the Covid-19 period, distribution of school materials and gifts at the initiative of Majumdar Foundation, organization of interfaith Iftar and standing up against injustice are some examples of Majumdar's philanthropic work.

On April 29, President Joe Biden presented the President's Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 in recognition of Mohammad Majumdar's voluntary work. 

It may be mentioned that former United States President George W Bush introduced the award in 2003. 

Mohammad N Majumder has received this Lifetime Achievement Award for his philanthropic work over the last 32 years.