Munia’s death encircles 4 unknown youths

The mystery of Munia's death revolves around four unidentified young men. According to the information received from various sources, if the identities of these four youths are recovered, the mystery of Munia's death will be revealed.

The four youths went to Munia's house on April 25 at different times. Neither their departure was mentioned in the home register nor was their existence found in the CCTV footage.

So, it is believed that they went to Munier's flat for some nefarious purpose.

These four young men have been seen with Munia in the past. Especially in the second phase, when Munia came to Dhaka from Comilla and started living in flat number 120 in Gulshan, these four young men were Munia's shadow companions. Several pictures of Munia's elder sister Nusrat were also found with them.

According to various sources, when Munia returned to Comilla in the first phase, Munia was routinely tortured by Nusrat.

It is learned that before coming to Dhaka, Nusrat had spoken to the owner of flat number 120 on the telephone more than once and she told that she would live there with her husband and sister.

Talking to various residents of the building, it was found that Nusrat had been with Munia for at least a week. At that time Nusrat noticed some changes in Munia. In particular, Nusrat was kept in the dark about communication with different people. Later, they had an argument about this.

A source in Comilla said that when Munia’s brother Sabuj had a dispute with Nusrat over land, Nusrat hired some mercenaries to win over her brother.

Munia used to give almost all the money she earned in various ways to Nusrat so that she could win the legal battle with his brother.

Various sources have confirmed that the four unidentified persons are now in hiding on the instructions of Nusrat. Various quarters think that the mystery of Munia's death will be revealed once they are interrogated and brought under the law.