MPO enrolment of non-government schools

Nepotism must be wiped out

It is good to note that as a part of its endeavour to improve the quality of life and livelihood of non-MPO teachers, the government is going to bring over around 1767 non-government educational institutes under the monthly pay order (MPO) scheme. Also the government is hopeful of bringing more non-government educational institutes under the purview of the Monthly Pay Order (MPO) facility.

MPO is the government’s share in the payroll of the non-government educational institutions. Under the scheme, the government gives 100 percent of the basic salaries to the teachers of non-government schools. As per the rules, the educational institutes first come under MPO facilities and then the government enlists the teachers in the payroll. After a suspension for six years by the then BNP-led alliance government, the Awami League-led government in 2010 revived the MPO facility as per its electoral pledge, enlisting 1,624 private secondary and higher secondary schools and colleges in the MPO scheme. However, since then we have witnessed a number of demonstrations and hunger strikes made by the rest of the non-MPO teachers. Against this backdrop the government has now planned to bring more non-government educational institutions under the purview of MPO.

Teachers protecting for being enlisted under MPO facilities gives us a very grim picture about their life and livelihood. It is neither good for education nor for the teachers. Also there have been gross irregularities regarding the inclusion of MPO of the non government educational institutions. Inclusion of MPO depends on development of the infrastructure and the number of students and results. But unfortunately, using political influence, institutions of lower standard have been enrolled in the MPO list while better ones have been left out.

There should not be any nepotism, political influence or regional discrimination in the process of MPO enlistment. In 2010, educational institutions that were preferred by powerful ministers and parliament members were allegedly enlisted in the MPO. This means the institutions were enrolled due to political influence rather than qualification. This should not be repeated.