Motorcycle accidents on the rise

Construct separate lane for motorbikes

Published : 05 Jul 2022 08:40 PM

At least 3309 people lost their lives on the country’s different roads and highways in separate accidents in the last six months. Besides, many people were injured seriously in the road disasters between January and June. Among the people killed in road accidents across the country, 39.67 percent died in motorcycle accidents, Road Safety Foundation study says.

Out of the total ill-fated people, over 1313 people died in separate motorcycle accidents during the period. The country is witnessing fatal motorcycle mishaps and many people mostly young are dying every day on roads and highways due to lack of strict monitoring by the authorities concerned.

It has been noticed that the use of motorcycles is becoming increasingly popular in the country because of poor public and private transportation systems. The sale of the two-wheelers has got momentum everywhere in the country due to the increased demand.

The government should take 

necessary steps to construct 

designated lane for motorcycles

Many leading motorcycle companies in the world have started motorcycle manufacturing in Bangladesh. The government is expanding the motorcycle industry as it thinks this sector will contribute to the national economy by generating more employment opportunities , developing a skilled workforce and transferring technology.  

The government has not taken any initiative to construct separated lane for the motorcycles. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) issued licences to about 37 lakh 53 thousand and one hundred thirty eight motorcycles so far till June.

In 2015, the number of motorcycle registered in the country was about 15 lakh. But, a large number of motorcycles, especially in the district and upazila levels, are not registered. 

Therefore, many motorbikes are still running without licences, making roads and highways more prone to disaster.

Unhealthy competition among especially the young motorcyclists, reckless driving, and violating traffic rules are responsible for the road crash.Hundreds of motorbikes were spotted in the Shimulia and Paturia Ferry Ghats and on the roads and highways when thousands of people were leaving the capital city of Dhaka for their village homes during celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. The highest number of motorcycles crossed the Bangabandhu Bridge during the eid journey. 

But this time, the government temporarily banned motorcycles on the Padma Bridge on June 27 – two days after opening the bridge to transport. Ithas also banned motorcycles from highways for seven days starting from tomorrow as part of its efforts to ensure safe and trouble-free travel across the Eid-ul-Azha holidays.

Imposing restriction on the plying of motorcycles should not be the solution. Therefore, the government must construct separate lane for motorcycles and frame policies in this regard.