Mosquito infestation

High time government took proper steps

Every year, winter brings a wave of mosquitoes in the country. It is disconcerting news that these mosquitoes are still prevalent in Bangladesh as a menace to society after such a harsh year of dengue epidemic. Even though the threat of dengue has subsided still mosquitoes are causing many capital dwellers to lose their sleep.
The government had brought in anti-mosquito medicine to be used against the dengue spreading aedes mosquitoes. These medicines can now be used against these breeds of mosquitoes. Right after the sun sets the mosquitoes invade the households. Experts opine that mosquito bites can be very harmful especially for children. Meanwhile, the more times a person is bitten by mosquitoes, the more likely that they’ll become desensitized over time. That means adults typically have less serious reactions to mosquito bites than children do.
But, above all else, prevention is better than cure, that is to say rooting out the problem of mosquitoes will be the key to resolving this problem. This requires cleaning and proper disposal of garbage in and around the households. The breed of mosquito that frequents the homes in winter is culex. Like its cousins, the aedes, these too breed in drains, garbage heaps and stagnant water.
If effective measures cannot be taken to control this mosquito now, the situation will be worse in the next two to three months. Already campaigns are being conducted around the capital where it is believed that the concentration of culex mosquitoes is the highest. But, still the vast area which city corporation workers have to cover is a distressing concern.
The government should take appropriate steps to prevent this infestation of annoyance so that city dwellers can once again sleep in peace. Also preventive measures must be adopted so that awareness can be created and proper control can be enforced on mosquitoes.