Mongla waste management project underway

The government is going to undertake a Tk 439 crore protect entitled 'Modern Waste and Disposal Oil Removal Management of Mongla Port' to protect the Sundarbans from the pollution of the port and bio-diversity as well. The project, to be implemented by the ministry of shipping, will ease prevention of ship's waste from being thrown into the sea and rivers, modern waste management and eco-friendly port construction and protect the marine the environment from pollution.

With the approval of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), the target is set to be fulfilled between June this year and 2022. It will be carried out by the Mongla Port Authority. On August 21, a meeting of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) was held in the Planning Commission.

On Monday Planning Minister M A Mannan said, “There are various environmental challenges. Waste management is a high priority for the port. In the coming days, a lot of cargoes will be arriving in the Mongla port. At present, many ships are arriving at the Mongla port. This will generate a lot of wastes. We have to manage them.”

The minister said, “There is a scientific way to clean the waste. This requires proper planning. We have to save the coast. Therefore, any project related to coast, the government provides high priority.” The ministry of shipping said, it is possible to collect industrial oils from other bases, containers, tankers and other vessels operating in the Mongla port by collecting oils and petroleum bliss, sludge, waste, water, and other garbage and separating industrial oil plastics through waste management.

The ministry said, if any oil tanker accident or oil discharge occurs in the channels of rivers around the Mongla port and the Sundarbans, it will be stopped by boom before spreading. Besides, the oil removed by the oil removal vessels will be collected and deposited in the IBC tank. When completed, the IBC will be submitted to the floating storage tank. In this way, after collecting the distilled oil, the water will be treated and stored in the tank by separation of water and other wastes under management.

 This stored oil will be subsequently sold through tenders. Vessels will also be used for security inspections, emergency piloting, and regular channel inspections. For this, a project titled ‘Modern Waste and Disposal Oil Removal Management of Mongla Port’ has been undertaken. In addition, a Tk 7.80 million has been proposed for construction of link roads and boundary walls in this project.

Meanwhile, various types of link roads and walls have been proposed in the Mongla Port upgrade project. The PEC meeting said that physical and price congestion could be reduced under the project. Expenditure estimates have been added by adding CD VAT to the project body. It has been asked to show the cost of the CD VAT separately.

The survey report attached to the DPP in the project did not mention the current figure and detailed statistics of the waste management as it was also asked to give the current figure and statistics of the waste management in the reconstituted DPP.