Mithila replies to criticisms

Bangladeshi model and actress Mithila and Kolkata director Srijit Mukherji were married on December 6. After their honeymoon in Switzerland and Greece, following their marriage, Srijit also came and visited his father-in-law’s home. All in all, their time had gone well.

Since marriage, Mithila has faced many criticisms. In particular, many have brought up Srijit being a follower of Hinduism. Questions arise about the religion in which they are married. The month of marriage has passed. This time, Mithila strongly responded to those criticisms.

In a recent tweet, Mithila wrote, “I have never married a Hindu, Indian or any director. 

I married the person, who is intelligent and tender-hearted. Therefore, I am proud of all of his identity. If anyone tries to ignore or neglect my marriage or my husband, he will be slapped hard.”

After marriage, Mithila introduced her new identity to everyone as ‘Mr and Mrs Rashid Mukherji’.