Mithila, Nirob’s ‘Omanush’

The relationship between the two of is like close friends.  Although this is they have been together first time for a movie, for Mithila it will be her silver screen debut with this film titled 'Omanush’. The movie is directed by Anonno Mamun.

On Tuesday (May 4) night a new dimension was drawn to the old information. The first poster of the film was published on the internet. Where Nirob looks completely different with short hair, neck amulet, eye kajal, throat wound, khaki dress on his body, pistol on the waist, a different look and Mithila shining like the light of the sun peeking behind holding a pistol in the sky. Anonno Mamu’s upcoming  story of the two lovers in a whole different bandit genre.

Such posters do not usually match in Dhaka cinema. Especially the get-up, look and composition of the couple – aesthetic that has fascinated netizens. The team is getting good applause in the social myth of the Anonno Mamun.

Mamun said that during the ongoing corona, they have been shooting for 16 days by burning a lot of wood and straw from Dhaka to Bandarban. There is only one week's work left. That too will heal quickly. 

However, they released this poster to let everyone know a reflection of their hard work. It seems that the audience is interested in the film till the coming Eid-ul-Azha. That's when it has plans to release. After getting a great echo from the poster, Nirob opened his mouth a little about the film after a long time at midnight on Tuesday. He said, 'Mithila and I are good friends. You are at the stage of our relationship. As a result, the heroine's attitude, the hero's thoughts - these were not in the shooting. You will see the impression of that sincerity in the whole work. The poster has a little reflection.  And there are many more mysteries surrounding the film that I will publish in the future continuously.'

Nirob is playing the role of a bandit in the film 'Omanush'. And Mithila will be seen in the role of a Bangladeshi returning from abroad. Who basically went to the water-forest to make a documentary about the beauty of Bangladesh. 

Rashed Mamun Apu, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Misha Saudagar, Shahed Ali Sujan, Nawshaba, Anand Khaled and others are also starring in 'Omanush'.