‘Miss Universe Bangladesh’ reveals top 10 contestants

‘Miss Universe Bangladesh’ has chosen the top ten contestants for the final round of the ‘Flora Bank Miss Universe 2020’ contest, the national part of the international ‘Miss Universe’ competition for beauty and talent. 

The competition is heading towards the final stage at a rapid pace. Based on the last few days of grooming and participation in various activities, the judges of the ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh’ competition have selected the top 10 contestants.

 Model and actor Bidya Sinha Meem, singer and actor Tahsan Rahman Khan, founder and creative director of fashion house Zurhem Mehruz Munir and international affairs manager of BRAC University Irene Sommer Tilgar, were the judges to select the top 10 contestants.

These 10 contestants will compete to represent Bangladesh in the main round of the 'Miss Universe 2020', to be held in the United States on May 16. They are Aonkita Dey, Apana Chakma, Farzana Akter Ani, Farzana Yasmin, Fatema Tuz Johura, Mariyam Ahmed, Masuda Khan, Nidra Dey, Tangia Zaman Methila, and Towhida Tusnim Tifa. 

The contestants have been going through various activities, grooming, training and perseverance at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dhaka for the last few days. It was time to prove themselves once again. Some unfortunately will have be returning home while the others will be gearing up and preparing for the grand finale. All of these contestants have one dream, to represent their country and people in front of the whole world.

The selection round was held at RTV’s studio. Shafiqul Islam, National Director of Miss Universe Bangladesh pageant, said that these judges will also be the judges of the Grand Finale.

Mostafa Rafiqul Islam Duke, President of Miss Universe Bangladesh pageant said that the grand finale will be held on March 20, 2021. 

The winner of 'Flora Bank Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020' will represent Bangladesh on the 69th 'Miss Universe 2020' competition to be held on 16th May in Hollywood, United States. He also said the winners of this beauty contest will aim to contribute to various social development activities from social responsibility. 

The competition is being held for the second time in Bangladesh. Flora Bank, like last time, is the main sponsor of Miss Universe Bangladesh. RTV is the broadcast partner. The program will be aired on RTV from 9th March.