Country has adequate stock of fertilizer

Minister warns of stern action against higher price

Published : 14 Aug 2022 09:05 PM

Agriculture Minister and Awami League presidium member Dr Md Abdur Razzaque said that currently there is sufficient stock of all types of fertilizers including urea, TSP, DAP, MOP against the demand in the country. We are closely monitoring so that no one can create an artificial crisis anywhere in the country. Instructions have already been given to the field level officials. Those concerned will be brought under severe punishment if they sell at a price higher than the price set by the government.

The minister said these things during an exchange of views with journalists on recent issues in his office room at the secretariat on Sunday afternoon. The minister said that the increase in the price of fuel will not affect the fertilizer. Agricultural production will not be disrupted, but prices of agricultural products will increase slightly. In response to another question from the journalists, the minister said that the government is trying its best to ease the suffering of the people. Due to the global crisis including the ongoing Covid situation and the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the prices of food products, fertilizer prices, oil prices and gas prices have increased abnormally. It has also affected the country. As a result, people are suffering. The government is very aware of this. The government is working intensively and sincerely to ease the suffering of the people. The suffering of low-income, limited-income and working people will be reduced by giving rice to 50 lakh families at Tk 15 per kg, said the minister. He said, various social safety net activities will continue. Expressing the hope of reducing the price of fertilizers and food grains, the minister said that the United States has lifted the ban on the export of fertilizers from Russia. On the other hand, grain exports from Ukraine have opened up.

 If wheat export from Ukraine starts, the price of wheat in the international market may decrease.

 All these will have an impact in the country, the price of food products will decrease.