Mehazabien not resuming shooting yet

Mehazabien Chowdhury, popular actress of the time, got into a lot of trouble with her return to shooting during this critical period of Corona before Eid. But even then, Mehazabien Chowdhury overcame the problem of corona and shot a few dramas very well. 

In the meantime, several scripts have also reached her hands for shooting after Eid. But Mehazabien said she has not yet made any plans to return to shooting. 

Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s ‘Pranapriyo’, ‘Ekai 100 ‘and Rubel Hasan’s ‘Mr. and Mrs. Chapabaaz’ are the ones that have been shown this Eid. 

However, according to Mehazabien’s comment, she liked Mahmudur Rahman Hime’s ‘Keno’, ‘Sharthopar’ and Vicky Zayed’s ‘Nirbashon’ more. Mehazabien is also getting response for these dramas. She has also been awarded in recognition of her excellence in acting as an actress. 

However, he considers the love of the audience the most important. She has been trying to become a perfect actress for a long time. Mehazabien Chowdhury said, “I believe that I always am practicing acting with my maximum. And I am trying to develop myself as a perfect actress. I try to gain experience from the shooting of each of my dramas. 

I think it is important to have all kinds of experience for acting. It is better to have some experience in dance and song. Knowing the culture and language of other countries outside the country is also a kind of experience that is definitely useful in acting life. 

In the light of experience, it is easy to share with the director during the shooting how it is better to deliver a dialogue. Basically there is no substitute for experience.”

She adds, “My sincere gratitude to my fans because they watch my dramas and share their likes and dislikes in various ways. I want to do better dramas based on better stories in the future with the love of the audience.”