Mehazabien is changed!

Lux Superstar and one of the most popular actresses of small screen Mehazabien. At one time, Mehazabien was criticised for her accent and acting in Bengali. Pushing all the criticism, Mehazabien has now touched the hearts of the audiences as a versatile actress of the time. 

She is constantly reshaping herself by pulling the character. The familiar Mehazabien seems changing easily from day to day. In need of a character, she breaks all boundaries to make the character real. There is no end to the interest of the producers in Mehazabien in experimental works.

The actress was recently spotted next to a garage in Uttara. However, she was not seen in a gorgeous attire. Because, according to the character of the story, she was dressed like a poor girl. Glamorous Mehazabien is the complete opposite in terms of her character. Small black spots were seen on her face! She was wearing a cheap Sari.

There was no way to recognise her in that look without looking at her with much attention. After finishing the scene, she said that she is shooting a drama to be made around the coming Valentine's Day. The name of the drama is ‘Shukur Shukh’ (Shuku's Happiness). 

She will play the role of a domestic help. Her husband is a rickshaw puller. The drama is all about several accidents in their life. Such a story explains the struggles of the life of ordinary people and the ways to overcome it.

Popular actor Afran Nisho has acted opposite her in the play.

Mehazabien said, “I always wanted to get such a story to act at. This is why I agreed to do it after hearing the story. We work on many romantic stories for Valentine's Day. This story is also about love, but it is about the love story of a domestic help and a rickshaw puller couple.” 

“I would like to work in such a heterogeneous character as well as work on entertaining stories,” she added. Earlier, she has directed some dramas based on the stories and screenplay of Maruf Hossain Sajib. In it, Afran Nisho has acted in partnership with Mehazabien. Besides, there are also Barda Mithu, Limon, Sagar, Tuhin, Rahul, Shishir and others. It is learnt that the drama will be broadcast on a YouTube channel on the coming Valentine's Day.