Drives against Corruption

Many ruling party men in peril

For many leaders of different associate bodies of ruling Awami League who have been involved in corruption, extortion and tender manipulations, it has been a harrowing and perilous situation.

Sudden decision from the upper echelon of the government to get rid of the corrupt ruling party men has made some corrupt leaders of Awami Jubo League and Awami Swechchhasebok League perplexed and kept no room for escape.

Such wrongdoers of the ruling quarter, who used the name of the party flexing muscles and resorting to other tactics of corrupt doings, now cannot find enough places to hide their illegal money.

These corrupt leaders are now in a precarious situation as law enforcement agencies began operations against the corrupt leaders at the behest of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina before they were able to traffic the cash through illegal means.

Not even in their imagination did they know that they would have to face such a situation. So many people send money in sacks to their respective village homes and relatives. And some are destroying cash money to save themselves from the wrath of the operations. More than four hundred leaders of the Awami League and its allied organizations have fled the country leaving their money behind. Apart from this, there are more than six hundred leaders who went hiding and many are trying to go abroad.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy against corrupt leaders who are indulged in corruption and extortion. And as a result of which the drive against corrupt members is underway. This sensible-seeming campaign has forced many leaders of the party to remain 'on the run', which has long been tarnishing the image of Awami League. Also, bureaucrats will not be excluded from the operation. Corrupt bureaucrats have also been kept under surveillance. The task of making the list of corrupt members began two years ago. 

Meanwhile, the RAB rescued about 5 crore rupees, eight kilograms of gold and six firearms from the Gendaria Police Station Awami League leader, his brother and a friend. The money which came from the casinos was kept in lockers at Enamul's house.

The investigation revealed that the three leaders of the Awami Jubo League have cash counting machines. A large sum of money, gathered from illegal casino business, liquor trade, extortion and tender fixing, was used to be sent to the three leaders. Seven years ago they bought money counting machines. With automatic money counting and fake note detecting machines, one bundle can be calculated either new or old notes (from 2 taka note to 1000 taka note) in just 5 seconds.

The recent raids against the illegal gambling dens of the capital have brought question into the public minds as to who went to these luxurious venues of betting and gambling. Sources said, from the central leader of the Awami League to the grassroots leaders, leaders of allied organizations, women leaders, secretaries, PDs of various projects, senior government officials, businessmen, contractors, and people from the media world   used to go to the casinos of different clubs.

Intelligence agencies have handed over the evidence to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, along with images of the inside videos of various clubs in the capital. On seeing this, the Prime Minister ordered for carrying out strict campaigning. As a result, there is no way out for these evildoers to escape the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, and there is no chance of denying the accusations and allegations about their deeds.