Many getting jobs because of Bhabna

Entertainment Correspondent

Thousands of people have lost their jobs in various non-governmental organizations in the capital over the past months due to Corona. Many have lost their jobs and moved to their home villages even after living in the capital for a long time. 

Attempts have also been made to tell the story of a family in the drama ‘To-Let’ by Animesh Aich. The drama stars Sarkar Apu, Syed Mosharraf, Jayaraj and Ashna Habib Bhabna in the lead roles. The drama has been published on G-Series YouTube channel on August 4. 

Bhabna is being praised for her impeccable performance in the drama. The drama has already been seen by the leaders of various non-governmental organizations in Dhaka. The thoughts in the drama are getting quite a response. 

Just as Bhabna gets response from the audience for acting in a good story drama, the present generation of artistes, and legendary actors, also appreciated her performance. 

She said, “I was really upset when I first heard the story. I have tried to play the character with the director’s views. I tried my best. 

The biggest thing is the success of working on this drama, the head of a private organization called me after seeing the drama. He says he is bringing back those who lost their jobs in his organization. I was so emotional when I heard this. My father had tears in his eyes. Really, as an actress, acting in this could be a bigger achievement for me. Of course thanks and gratitude to Animesh Aich, playwright and director of ‘To-let’. In the future too, I want to act in such dramas which will benefit the people of the society.”