Locals build bridge over river voluntary

Mehedee Hasan Sohel, Gazipur 

The locals have built a beautiful wooden bridge voluntary at the Kapasia Ashram in Gazipur to improve their transportation. The wooden bridge was built over the river Banar which flows past Barishab village (Banarkandi) and Narottampur village in Barishab union of Kapasia upazila. 

Meanwhile, apart from the people's voluntary shelter, the construction of this wooden bridge has cost around Tk 2 lakh. And all this money has been spent on the donations of the people of the area.

The wooden bridge is 50 feet long and 5 feet wide. The construction work of the bridge started at the end of January 2020 at the voluntary home of the locals and was completed in the last week of March. Meanwhile, the bridge was officially inaugurated on July 26 and opened to the public.

Chairman of Barisab Union Parishad Md. Atauzzaman Bablu told  Daily Anandabazar that the people of the area have voluntarily constructed a wooden bridge over the river Banar flowing through Barisab village (Banarkandi) and Narottampur village of Barisab union for safe passage of common people. After 30 days of work, the construction of that excellent bridge was completed.

Chairman Md. Atauzzaman Bablu further said, “I will discuss this issue with the higher authorities including MP to build a bridge in a permanent way as demanded by the locals, so that this problem can be addressed permanently.

Meanwhile, for a long time, about 20,000 people in two villages of Barisab Union were suffering from communication.

Because of the bridge, people of all walks of life in those two villages have suffered. Md. Jamal Uddin and Abdul Halim were the main initiators in the construction of the bridge.