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Kothashoili opens 2nd workshop on verbal excellence

Published : 27 Sep 2023 09:35 PM

Kothashoili Abritti Chakra, a cultural organization, has announced opening of registration for its second workshop.

After successfully completing its first year with the slogan to get rid of impurification through perfectness, Kothashoili will run its second workshop on proper pronunciation, verbal excellence, news presentation, and recitation.

For enrolling into the second workshop, the form distribution began on Sunday at the TSC of the University of Dhaka. Anyone interested can collect the registration form between 4pm to 6pm every day.

Besides, the registration is also available through its Facebook page titled Kothashoili Abritti Chakra.

The classes will begin on November 4 at the DUCSU cafeteria of Dhaka University.

“The Kothashoili Abritti Chakra aims to help people acquire skills for television journalism, news presentation, program and class presentations, and attending job interviews smoothly”, Rahmatullah Rajon, director of the organization.

He also urged parents to be careful about their children and get them involved in different creative activities.

The registration deadline ends on October 31.