JU academic activities on wane

Emon Mahmud

Students of Jahangirnagar University are passing through a critical juncture following the fresh movement on the campus. After a month-long shutdown, the university authorities began its academic and admission activities on Thursday. Earlier in the face of massive uproar, authorities closed Jahangirnagar University for an indefinite period and asked the students to leave their respective dormitories following a clash between protesting students and ‘VC-backed teachers and Chhatra League men.

But a section of students engaged in demonstration and hooliganism on the campus, did not leave the campus. And they along with a section of teachers continued demonstrating on the campus amid tight security measures. If this situation goes unabated, students will have to bear the brunt of the their protest and demonstrations, said teachers and students of different department “We got admitted to the university for pursuing higher studies. But throughout our path of pursing education, we often have to face serious difficulties because of various unscrupulous activities of students and teachers. This must be stopped,” a first year student of Jahangirnagar University said on Thursday.

A number of people in guise of general students are engaged in plotting to hamper the academic activities in the name of so called ‘student movement’, said university authorities. That 2 Shibir men detained at JU during a torch procession of the ongoing protest demanding Vc’s removal made it clear.

After initial interrogation and searching his mobile phone the authorities came to know that they were planning to destabilize the university administration and they were funding money for the movement. In this regard, acting proctor A S M Firoz Ul Hasan said, “After the detention, important information related to Shibir were found on their mobiles and WhatsApp conversation. All information proves that they were trying to influence ongoing movement on the campus. Besides, we got information that some teachers give them money for movement.”

When the students of the first-year bachelor admission for 2019-2020 academic session are getting prepared to get admitted in bachelor first year for universities, and unrest situation is prevailing on the country’s lone residential university campuses. Because of the unrest situation, the admission seekers and their guardians have become worried over admission process.

Ealier, Prof Farzana Islam, Vice-Chancellor of JU, termed latest incident on campus a conspiracy against the university’s development and students as well. Earlier, a section of teachers and students started demonstrating in August following a rumor alleging some BCL leaders taking money from the university development project.

At first they demanded a judicial investigation on the matter, later they demanded resignation of the VC and at last they demanded removal of the VC. In order to compel the authorities concerned to meet their demand, they blocked the administrative buildings which put the the administrative activities of the university was at stake. As a result, students could not conduct administrative and academic work, including filling up the exam form. After some days they boycotted class-exams and blocked both administrative and academic building. They made obstacle for the teachers and students to enter into the academic buildings. They stayed in front of the academic buildings for about a week and interrupted class-exams.

This tensed situation has made JU students concerned over session jam. Many final year student would not be able to apply for the 41st BCS exam as their honor’s final exam is yet to be started.