Joy Shahriar’s ‘Niyoti’

People all over the world have fallen helpless to the coronavirus. This virus has stopped everyone's work and activities. People have become isolated and stuck inside their homes. The impact is visible on the whole world. During this time, popular singer Joy Shahriar released a new song with a unique touch. The name of the song is ‘Niyoti’. Apart from giving voice to the song, Joy Shahriar himself composed the tune and lyrics.

The singer released the song on his verified Facebook page and Joy Shahriar's official YouTube channel. The recording of the song was done on a cell phone while he played the music on an acoustic guitar.

About this, Joy Shahriar said, “We have tortured nature in the name of civilization. There is an end to it o fcourse. Today everything has been shut down. I believe nature will once again give us hope for a normal life. It is my request to everyone so that we love and care for nature more. Now the studio is closed and we are all inside our homes. I can't go to the studio even if I wanted to. So, sitting at home playing the guitar, I recorded the song live.”