Joy Shahriar’s ‘Hoyto…’

Joy Shahriar’s new song ‘Hoyto...’ has been released. The lyrics and melody of the song published in Nabami have been done by the artiste himself. The music video of the song from Ajob Records has been released to the audience on Joy Shahriar’s YouTube channel.

The song ‘Hoyto...’ was made by Ajob Karkhana. It has been directed by Joy Shahriar himself and filmed by Jasmine Nahar.

Joy said in the context of the song ‘Hoyto...’, “Each song tries to present a different scenario. In the same way, I have tried to tell the story of a kind of tension in people’s life in this song. I hope my audience will like it.”

‘Hoyto...’ can be heard all over the world. In Bangladesh, listeners will be able to listen to the song via Swadhin, GP Music, Splash and Vibe. Outside the country, listeners will be able to listen on hundreds of platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Savan, Dizar.