JnU main gate resembles death trap

JnU Correspondent

The road leading to the main gate of Jagannath University (JnU) has become a death trap for students.  Students cross the road with the risk of life due to no substitute road or speed counteractive or foot over bridge.  Students are often victims of accidents when crossing the road.

 In situ, it is seen that in front of the main gate, the four roads converge and mould a ‘roundabout’.  To touch Gulistan, people travel en route via TomTom or Laguna as well Bahadur Shah Transport to reach Jatrabari and Demra. Totally all these positions rehash this road risky as well death-trap.

 This momentous road is constantly blinkered with traffic. Moreover, one reason for traffic congestion is that the bikes and rickshaws are located right at the gate.  Various types of Tong shops (Lebupani, tea shop, Kabab) occupied two sides of the road. Besides, there are many endemic transport, some are Victor Classic, Savar Transport, Tanjil, Bihanga, Ajmeri Glory, use this road as their father’s property and repose their transport hither and thither.

 Fahim Shahriar, a first-year student of the Bangla Department, said, “The road leading in front of the campus is deadly and venturesome.  Rickshaw, motorbike, laguna are desperate here.  At the front of the gate, they used to               speed up.  It’s too scary to cross the road.“

 “The security personnel at front of the gate are specially commanded to take care of the traffic in time of passing the road.   Especially in the morning and on the holidays, traffic and staff have been asked to be vigilant in their duty, Proctor Mostafa Kamal said.

  “Traffic has been specifically informed to alleviate the traffic afore the gate and all police have been asked to act in the traffic congestion box,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police Kotwali Zone (AC Patrol).