JMB men cross borders to escape arrest

Most of the members of Islamist outfit Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) reportedly staying at different border areas in the country and trying to be reorganised in order to launch fresh attacks in both Bangladesh and India.

Many of them either have crossed the borders and staying its adjacent areas while others are staying inside the Bangladesh territory.

According to sources of Bangladesh police and intelligence, many of the JMB men are still at large and traceless. Besides, many other JMB men, who had been freed on bail, are not under police surveillance while many other JMB men, who have walked out of the jail after serving jail terms, are also out of the police radar.  

Meanwhile, police of West Bengal, Asaam, Manipur and Tripura already have arrested a large number of JMB men for their activities in India. According to Indian law-enforcing and intelligence agencies, many JMB men snaked into India to avert arrest in Bangladesh while many others are staying in border areas.

On August 9, Asaam police and paramilitary forces arrested seven more JMB men at Barpeta in western Assam.

Assam police said, JMB is a proscribed terror group in India and Bangladesh and is committed to establishing an Islamic state in Bangladesh.

Earlier on June 26, the Special Task Force of Kolkata police arrested four members of Neo JMB on June 26 and three of them are Bangladeshi nationals. Kolkata police said, those arrestees were active for recruitment of new members and were planning to carry out explosions in both Bengal and Bangladesh.  Those three Bangladeshi JMB men are Ziaur Rahman of Nawabganj, Mamunur Rashid of Rangpur, Shahin Alam of Rajshahi.

Shubhankar Sinha Sarkar, a Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police, said those three Bangladeshi nationals, also the activists of JMB, had sneaked into India to avert arrest in Bangladesh for their militant activities.  Indian media reports say around 400 JMB men were arrested in recent areas in West Bengal, Assam, Manipur and Tripura.

According to Police Headquarters sources, a total of 159 cases were filed with different police stations in connection with the August 17 countrywide series blasts. Around 500 explosions took place in 63 countries.  Of the cases, 18 were filed with different police stations under Dhaka Metropolitan (DMP), 12 under Barishal Metropolitan Police (BMP), 10 under Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP), eight under Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP), four under Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP), three under Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP), 23 under Dhaka Range Police, 11 under Chattogram Range Police, seven under Rahshahi Range Police, 23 under Khulna Range Police, seven under Barishal Range Police, 16 under Sylhet Range Police, eight under Rangpur Range Police, six under Mymensingh Range Police, and three under Railway Range Police. Of those cases, names of 130 JMB men were mentioned as accused and a total of 961 people were arrested as suspects. Of the cases, police have submitted charge-sheets into 142 cases and police submitted final reports into 17 cases as they could identify anybody in connection with the bombing. In those 142 cases, charges were famed against 1,072 accused and 322 accused were convicted. Of the convicts, 15 were given capital punishment and others were awarded jails to different terms. Besides, 358 of the accused were freed as allegations against them could not be proved for the lack of proofs and evidences. Moreover, 130 of those accused JMB men were freed on bail. On the other hand, a total of 59 of those cases are still under trial.

Md Moniruzzaman, additional deputy inspector general of police of the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU), said, despite having no organisational strength, JMB is still active and looking for chances.