Jhalokati police don’t allow students outside at night

Police started campaign to stop the students, who stay outside after the evening and engaged in chatting in tea stall. Fatiha Yasmin, superintendent of police (SP) of Jhalokati, said that they won’t allow the students outside at night as it hampers their study. ‘’Many students waste their time in chatting in different places after evening instead of study. So, we have started the drive to send them back them to home,’’ she said. 

The SP said that the drive will continue. Meanwhile, as part of the campaign, police detained 26 students from different places, including some parks, in district town in a drive conducted from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Monday.

Fatiha Yasmin led the drive, while Md. Jahangir Alam, ASP (administration); Kazi Soaib,  ASP (Sadar); MM Mahmud Hasan, ASP (Sadar circle); Shonit Kumar Gayen, officer-in-charge of sadar thana; Ikbal Bahar, DB officer participated in the campaign. Later, the students were released after calling their guardians.