Jaya’s new title ended in just 15 days!

Actress Jaya Ahsan has been silently-vocal all throughout the coronavirus pandemic for the last six months. Sounds like a paradox right? Well the matter of fact is, she is always very vocal on social media about various reasons. But she has meticulously been very quiet about a film that she finished in just 15 days. This time she shared about her work in the film.

Jaya did this job in June when the name of the production was not even decided. Although there were plans for a short film at first, it has expanded into a feature film. It is made by director Piplu Khan. Earlier, he had created ‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’ about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Jaya Ahsan said, “In the days of -pandemic’s mental turmoil, when I was spending my days at home in fear, the director said on the phone, ‘Let’s make a short film.’ I will shoot a film in Pandemic, the excitement is real. There’s nothing like taking it so seriously, ‘Let’s just do it’ - that’s how it’s done.”

Besides acting, she has also produced the film. Apple Box Films, Abu Shahed Emon’s Box Office Multimedia and Jaya’s production company ‘C te Cinema’ are in charge of producing the film. 

Although she is the producer herself, she has kept the secret of the story at the request of the director. According to Jaya, “it is forbidden to say too much. That’s the message of my next film.”