Jamuna refrigerator is the best cooling refrigerator

Published : 27 Sep 2022 05:22 PM | Updated : 27 Sep 2022 05:22 PM

Jamuna refrigerator is now BUET certified best cooling refrigerator among locally produced refrigerators in the country. The inside temperature of Jamuna refrigerator is between minus 28 degree Celsius to 4 degree Celsius.

Even in the repeated load shedding, food will remain fresh 72 hours in Jamuna refrigerator and 120 hours in Jamuna freezer.

All models of refrigerators use R600a gas, which is environmentally friendly and does not harm the human body. Jamuna refrigerators use advanced technology to maintain food quality and reduce electricity consumption by 70 percent.

Jamuna is a unique name in the refrigerator market. Jamuna’s fridges are high-tech, affordable and maintain high quality. Jamuna refrigerators come with a 10-year compressor warranty. Durability, attractive design, advanced compressor, warranty, after sales service and others made the Jamuna fridge best among all.

Jamuna Electronics and Automobiles Limited has internationally recognized latest registered ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificates.