Italian Food Festival at ‘Top of the Way’

Enjoy these chilly winter evenings with an incredible assortment of spectacular Italian delicacies at The Way Dhaka Italian food festival to be held from 16th to 25th January at their elegant signature sky view restaurant Top of The Way.  The festival features sensational creations prepared by their famous Executive Chef, Chef G.G. The Chef’s focus on perfectly fusing health, flavors and authenticity ensures the very best for the guests coming to the festival.   

Guests can taste the authentic Italian flavors in the many iconic Italian dishes to be featured in the festivalincluding various types of Italian pasta, appetizers and main courses. Guests can also enjoy the freshest ingredients and spectacular flavors at the many live cooking stations at the restaurant premise during the festival, where chefs will be preparing and serving dishes exactly to the guest’s preference of ingredients and flavors. 

Their spacious sky view restaurant Top of the Way gives its guests a unique experience of dining under the starry night and features stylish décor, making it the perfect spot to take enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones. To add to the indulgenceThe Way Dhaka is offering Buy 1 Get 2 free offer on selected cards to the attendees of the festival, ensuring the guests can enjoy quality time with their friends or families with a fraction of the original expense.  

Italian cuisine is famously regarded as one of the finest types of cuisine in the world making the Italian Food Fest at The Way Dhaka a must try for fans of Italian dishes and food enthusiasts due to The Way Dhaka’s continuous focus on serving healthy, authentic and incredibly tasty dishes prepared by the finest of ingredients. The hotel is well known throughout the years for serving Dhaka dwellers with spectacular themed food festivals with a heavy focus on authenticity. 

Try out the sensational Italian delights at the Italian Food Fest from 16th to 25th January, every evening from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM and bring your friends and families and enjoy dining with them under the stars having availed their very special Buy 1 Get 2 free offer.