Irfan, Tisha on ‘Facebook’

For a while Amitabh Ahmed Rana and Subrata Mitra have been producing dramas together. Both of them have completed the work of making a drama again.  The story of the play is based on real events titled of the drama is 'Facebook', written by Jewel Kabir.   Irfan Sajjad and Tasnuva Tisha have played the mail roles in the drama.

Regarding the story of the drama, Amitabh Ahmed Rana said, "A new girl named Orni has come to work in the media.  Makeup artist Siddique fell in love with her on the first sight.  But Orni likes her co-star Shejaan on. One day during the shooting, Orni and Shejaan left their mobile phones with two make-up artists.  

When Shejaan return home at night he could not open his Facebook and realizes his Facebook has been hacked. Shejaan gets Orni’s denial of her previous lover’s photos; marriage certificate and much more kept coming from Orni’s messenger and from Shejaan's messenger several messages were sent to other people, including various directors’ in abusive manner. That Shejaan has to face an embarrassing situation and the story of the drama goes on.”

 Irfan Sajjad said, "The setting of the story of the play is extraordinary in one word.  That's why I like working so much.  If everything goes well, I hope you like the play.”

 The director said that the drama 'Facebook' will be aired soon. Irfan Sajjad and Tasnuva Tisha have already completed several more plays.  Notable among them are Raihan Khan's 'Doorer Samay' and Sohail Raj's 'Bhool Jochnai'.