Information on varsity admission in one app

Mahbub A Rahman

More than 13 lakh students took part in the HSC examination this year and about 10 lakh of them passed the examination. Most of them have a dream to get themselves admitted in a public university. Only seven lakh of them get the chance to sit for the admission test. They start preparation for fulfilling their dream from an early period. To take part in this competition known as ‘admission war’, some go to the coaching centers, some have private tutors and the rest take the preparation on their own.

As some universities have second time exam facility, some examinees who took part in the HSC exam in the previous year also come to compete with them. This makes the number of admission examinees 10 to 12 lakh and the number is gradually increasing every year.However, in the way of fulfilling their dream, there comes some obstacles. Form fill-up system of almost all universities is online based and most of our students lag behind in this matter. A small mistake in knowing the exam date, mark distribution or the students’ eligibility can destroy their dream. Most of the students are also dependent on the social media, which waste their time. Moreover, to avoid mistakes while filling the forms, students go to the nearby shops that is both waste of time and money. In the meantime, students also do not get proper direction about what to study or how to do it. Since the combined exams in the universities are not introduced yet, travelling to various cities and staying there for a few days create huge problem. All these problems make a student fall behind than the other students.

To lessen all these problems of the admission examinees, “ESP Lab” has introduced the largest and self-contained platform named “Admission Assistant”. With the help of this app, students now can easily get all the admission notices and information of various universities. They can easily check their eligibility for the units of the universities. They can also apply for those units themselves. Even, they can download their admit cards and look for their seat plans from this very app. Moreover, they will have countdown for the exam dates and can avail SMS alert that will obviously reduce the scope of mistaking in the way of application. Alongside, to take proper exam preparation, there will be PDF suggestions, question banks, model tests and live exams. To enable live support and direction on topics related to the preparation, contact number of some university students are also given in the application. These students will also help them travelling to the universities and staying there. Train and bus tickets can also be brought from the app. Finally, the students can look for their result from the app, too.

Therefore, all the needs that a student might feel during the period of admission are available in the app. The app is being updated every now and then, according to the needs of the students which is making it more user friendly. Shariful from Khulna University said about the app, “I liked the SMS alert service very much. It saved my time during my exams and I got the updates easily.” Mashrur of Begum Rokeya University said, “The countdown feature helped me a lot. As I found all the information from the app, I didn’t have to waste my time in the Facebook groups.” Oishi is a second time examinee. She tells, “I used to write down exam dates last year. However, mistakenly I wrote the wrong deadline for BUT ex and could not take part for the exam there. As the ‘Admission Assistant’ has got my back, hopefully I won’t face this sort of problem this year.”

We talked with the founder of “ESP Lab” Abdullah Al Mamun. He told us, “I didn’t have any android app in the time of my admission and the scarcity of correct information in the right time caused problems. I have been working on how to make this job easier for the students ever since I was admitted in the university.

Finally, ‘Admission Assistant’ got an institutional form in 2018 with the help of some of my friends. It helped about 20 thousand admission examinees directly and through social media last year. We are hopeful to provide help to more than 1 lakh students this year. We are working on this so that lack of information in due time don’t stand as an obstacle in the path of an admission examinee’s dream.”

This app with all these facilities is available in the play store.

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