Info about disputable FFs to be probed

The National Freedom Fighters Council (Jamuka) authorities have finalised a revised list for further verification and selection of those who were enlisted in the gazette as the freedom fighters during the period from 2002 to 2014 without following the laws and rules, said official sources in the Jamuka. 

Names of  44,000 were enlisted in the gazette as the freedom fighters during the period from 2002 to 2014 without maintaining the procedures properly. Of them, the names of 36,486 people have been enlisted for further verification due to controversy about their information.

The officials concerned also said that as per the decision taken by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs and the Jamuka, the authorities concerned have already started the process of further verification of information about those 36,486 controversial freedom fighters from February 1 at the upazila and city levels.

AKM Mozammel Haque, Minister for Liberation War Affairs, said, "We already have finalised a revised list. 

“A fresh list comprising original freedom fighters will be prepared and their names would be enlisted in the gazette again”, said the Minister. 

Sources in the Jamuka said that  a four-member committee has been formed in each upazila and city level for the purpose of further verification of information about 36,486 freedom fighters. 

These committees will send their reports to the Jamuka as soon as possible after checking and sorting the relevant freedom fighter's certificates and other documents.

NFFC Director General (DG) Zahurul Islam Sohel earlier said, “Thousands of people were enlisted in the gazette as freedom fighters illegally during the period from 2002 to 2014. Therefore, the government has decided to form a four-member committee in each upazila to check and verify their certificates and other documents.”

“The NFFC has also formulated a policy in this regard. This initiative has been taken in a bid to preserving the correct history of the Liberation War by identifying the fake freedom-fighters and compiling an accurate and precise list of the genuine freedom fighters,” said the NF  

The NFFC official sources also said that although the list of FFs has not yet been finalised even after 49 years of the independence, at present the number of gazetted FFs is more or less 2,31,385. Of them, 1,87,293 people are getting allowances as FFs . Each of them is getting Tk 12,000 as monthly honorarium.

Talking about the process of verification, an official of the NFFC said that the freedom fighters trained inside the country must have to be certified by three other freedom-fighters trained in India. Besides, he or she has to prove that he or she had fought against the Pakistani forces.

As per the policy, those who took part in the war after December 3 in 1971 will not be enlisted in the gazette.

However, several categories of FFs will remain out of the process of verification and selection. Freedom fighters in the Indian list, the Martyr Civil Gazette prepared by the Welfare Trust and whose names are in the Armed Forces Martyr Gazette will not be verified.

Besides, BGB Martyrs Gazette, War Wounded Freedom Fighter Gazette, Title Gazette, Mujibnagar, BCS Conceptual Senior Officers, BCS, Army, Air Force, Navy, Naval Commando, Police, Ansar will also not be included in the verification process.

Moreover, Swadhin Bangla Betar Shabdsainik, Birangana, Swadhin Bangla Football Team, NAP, Communist Party, Student Union Guerrilla Force will also not be verified.