Impulse Hospital faces stalemate for conflicts

Published : 27 May 2023 09:25 PM

The Impulse Hospital, a private hospital in the capital, is facing constraint due to various reasons including conflict among the owners. 

Sources said the conflict was generated among the owners over capturing supremacy or administrative control by a section of the hospital, which was once able to earn reputation by providing services during the pandemic Covid-19.   

Hospital insiders say that recent suspension of registration of the founding Managing Director of the hospital, renowned ENT Specialist Prof Dr. Ali Zahir by the BMDC has further worsened the situation.    

Although Dr. Ali Zahir, while talking to Bangladesh Post, claimed that the suspension of his registration for one year by the BMDC was not on a logical ground. He said BMDC's decision has caused tarnishing his image as a senior Physician.

Meanwhile, the wages and salary of hundreds of officers and employees of the hospital has already gone irregular that has created dissatisfaction among them. 

It is also alleged that the certain section of owners of the hospital, affiliated with BNP-Jamaat, has become desperate to create awkward situation in different ways so that they can finally establish supremacy and create absolute control over the hospital.

A group of senior physicians of the country have expressed their dissatisfaction upon the suspension of Dr. Ali Zahir's registration by BMDC, who have termed the decision irrational. 

This is to mention that earlier in 2020, the BMDC suspended Dr. Ali Zahir's registration allegedly following a case of wrong tumor operation of parotid gland of a patient, named Mrs Momena Haque Moon. But Dr. Zahir described that it was not a wrong operation because it was a need to operate either Ear of the patient to finally operate the tumor of the affected parotid gland of her left ear. And the patient is now completely alright.