Importance of jute has not decreased yet: Razzak

Published : 31 Mar 2023 10:16 PM

Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzak on Wednesday said that the importance of jute has not decreased yet.

“Once jute was given much importance as a cash crop. The importance of jute has not diminished yet. Recently, the private sector has been moving towards jute due to its multi-purpose use, thus increasing its importance. The prime minister is very interested in the jute sector,” he said during a visit to the head office of Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI).

BJRI director general agriculturist Dr. Abdul Awal welcomed and congratulated the minister. Later, scientists and officials of BJRI welcomed the Minister to the Bangladesh Jute Research Institute with a wreath on behalf of all of BJRI.

At the end of the introduction session, the scientists of BJRI explained their activities, and all the ongoing activities of BJRI were briefed to the minister.

The minister praised the current activities of BJRI and said that the scientists of BJRI are doing good work, and have developed various varieties. The minister also said, “Our future challenge is to raise the standard of living of the people. People need many more versatile foods to increase their quality of life, increase their intelligence, and increase their creativity. The western world is still ahead in terms of discovery.

“Jute is a natural resource. Our climate conditions are so suitable for jute production, but we cannot use them. The textile division needs to be developed more. Results need to be enhanced.”

“If You (BJRI scientists) can’t transform your research into technology, if you can’t make it commercial then research will have no value. That is your challenge. The whole nation is looking forward to jute research scientists bringing back the golden heritage of jute,” he added.

“Private owners of various jute mills are moving to different countries, increasing the multipurpose use of jute. If we can spread the interest of jute in the outside world, the spread of jute will increase a lot,” said the minister.