Immerse in the spirit of Victory Day

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As we celebrate the 49th Victory Day across Bangladesh we cannot help but remember the great sacrifices of the martyrs and freedom fighters, who made great sacrifice to liberate the soil of this country from the hands of the Pakistani infiltrators. Yes, we lost countless brave souls and so many sacrifices had to be made, but, that fire of devastation and turmoil forged the great nation of gold, Bangladesh.

The fledgling Bangladesh, just coming out of a fierce war against a massive tyrannical powerhouse, has grown into a prosperous country to behold which has become a role model for many countries around the world.

After so many years of being victorious, it is our solemn duty as new generation Bangladeshis to remember those who lost their lives in the bloody chapter preceding our victory, when we finally triumphed over our tyrannical Pakistani oppressors and established a new democratic nation.

It is our solemn duty as new generation

 Bangladeshis to remember those who

 lost their lives in the bloody

 chapter preceding our victory

The history of Bangladesh is full of happiness and sorrow, pleasure and turmoil. We struggled during famine and suffered during major catastrophes which had heart rending consequences. But, we as a nation never gave up hope, rather, we grew stronger and became united to tackle the problems head on. How we have struggled and strived, bled sweat and tears to get here! 

We have also spent more than two years where we had to feed and take care of more than a million Rohingyas, which we did with great composure.

Yes, there are challenges ahead, but if we keep in our hearts the true spirit of victory day and the values we so passionately fought for 48 years ago, we will surely succeed in the future. 

Moving forward towards the new year, we must gear up for the challenges ahead. We have a multitude of problems which need solutions, and these solutions can only come through paying heed to the true spirit of our country’s history, one of democracy, secularism, and independence.