Illegal hospital sealed off, fined in Cumilla

Published : 03 Oct 2023 08:54 PM

A hospital named Queens Digital Hospital Limited in Cumilla has been shut down and fined Tk2 lakh for treating patients without the necessary licences and permits.

A joint drive by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and district administration at the Tomsom Bridge area was conducted on Tuesday.

As the authorities reached the hospital, everyone at the Queens Digital Hospital fled. 

The facility was left empty without any patients, doctors, nurses, or pathologists, despite running at full capacity just the day before.

According to sources, the Queens Digital Hospital Limited had been operating without any licences and permits turning five floors of a seven-storey residential building into cabins and wards.

The hospital did not have any duty doctors either, the sources said. 

During the drive on Tuesday, the hospital was found empty without any responsible officials. Only the building's caretaker sat outside. 

The caretaker said that the doctors, nurses, pathologists and patients had been asked to leave due to unpaid rent for three months.

The hospital's management was later summoned to provide their documents. Unable to show any, they were fined Tk2 lakh, and the facility was sealed.

Cumilla Civil Surgeon's Office Medical Officer Dr Md Mahedi Hasan, who was present at the drive, said: "The hospital had been conducting treatments, patient admissions, and various tests without permission. Furthermore, there was no duty doctor or management available during our visit. Due to these violations, we fined them Tk2 lakh and sealed the facility.

“The drives of the DGHS will continue,” he added.